Friday, February 24, 2017

Weekend News 2-24-17

Happy Weekend!

I hope you've all enjoyed this spring-like week. I can't believe how much good a little sun and warmth can do for us Michiganders! We welcomed a new student this week. We are so excited to have a new friend in our class!

Next week Wednesday we get to enjoy Wealthy's production of Beauty and the Beast. I am excited to see the results of the hard work put in by students, teachers, and parents. 

This week in second grade:

In reading we worked on our inner and outer reading voices. We paid attention to punctuation to figure out when to take a breath. We are trying to scoop up more words at a time to create a fluent reading sound. 

In writing we began our opinion writing unit. We are writing letters to recommend favorite books to others. Look for a letter to come home soon!

In math we continued to learn about money. We counted coins, shopped in a class store, and planned a dinner menu using grocery ads from the Sunday paper. Ask your second grader to tell you how he/she added up the cost of the items. 

In science we learned about volume and capacity. Ask your second grader to tell you about our experiment with popcorn kernels and water. 

We enjoyed our service learning project of walking to Clark Home and reading with the residents. Thank you to Jen and Kathy for walking with us through the drops of rain! We will visit for the last time in May with the other classes and will perform a musical concert for the residents. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Weekend News 2-17-17

Happy Weekend!
I hope you all enjoy the long warm weekend! I know I am looking forward to some extra time with my family:) There will be no school on Monday

On Tuesday we will be walking to Clark Home for our second visit of the year. We will deliver cards that TEAM 2 created and read stories with them. I'd love to have you join us on this visit. If you're able to walk with us, send me an email to let me know. Thank you!

You should have received information on the sign up for parent/teacher conferences. I look forward to meeting with you all in March!

We had an awesome week! Thank you to Heather for planning an awesome Valentine's Day party for our class. Enjoy pictures below...
Picture of Valentine party craft station.
Valentine Party Craft Station

Picture of food station at party.
Valentine Party Food
Enjoying the treats
Making picture frames

Playing Bingo! 
Making Valentine boxes

Photo booth fun!

Striking a pose!

Thanks for the treats!
Thank you to Alex's Nana and therapy dog Finn for reading to us after the party. It was such a treat and Finn loved being in the spotlight!
Nana and Finn reading us a story.
This week in second grade:

In reading we read Valentine's Day and 100th day of school books. We had fun creating cartoons on the iPads using the Toontastic app. 

In writing we wrote about love! We also wrote about what life will be like when we're 100 years old. Look for $100 writing to come home today. I love to hear what the kids would buy if they had $100.

In math we began our money unit. We have had a blast counting coins and shopping in the classroom store. If you haven't sent in a small baggie of coins with your child, please do next week. Thank you!

In science we made slime! It was so much fun. At the request of the class, I've typed the recipe below...

Directions for making slime:

  • Pour 1/4 cup of water into baggie
  • Pour 1/4 cup white liquid glue into baggie 
  • Close the baggie and knead the glue and water together
  • Add 1/4 cup of borax and water mixture to baggie
  • Knead until it turns into slime!
  • Optional: add food coloring 
Thank you to Lilly's mom for reading to us and bringing Catface Mewomers III to our class.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Happy 100th Day Of School!

The Goodman Geezers
Picture of students with 100 year old age filter.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekend News 2-10-16

Happy Weekend! 
I hope you've enjoyed your week. Thank you to those of you who made a Scholastic Book Order! We will be receiving 20 new books for our classroom library when the order arrives. Each dollar you spend supports our students! 

We will have our class Valentine's Day party on Tuesday at 12:30 pm. Please join us for some fun! If you'd like to sign up to help with the party, please check out our sign-up Thank you Heather for organizing!

Next week we will begin our money unit in math. It is helpful to send in a (labeled) Ziploc baggie of coins for your child to use during math. It will be kept in your child's desk and sent home upon completion of the unit. It would be great for each child to have around 20 pennies, 10 dimes, 10 nickels, and 4-6 quarters. More or less of all coins is fine too! Thank you in advance!

There will be no school Feb 20. On Feb 21st we will be walking to Clark Home to read with the residents. 

Check out our awesome book trailer for the animal Can Be books we published this week. Inspired by the author Laura Purdie Salas. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentine's Day Party- Feb 14th at 12:30

Please join us at our Valentine's Day Party, next Tuesday at 12:30. If you'd like to sign up to help with the party, check out the sign-up genius below.

If you'd like to order from the February Book Order, please do so by Friday! Our class code is HB4N7.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Weekend News 2-3-17

Happy Weekend!
I hope you've had a great week! Our Valentine's Day party will be held on Tuesday Feb. 14 from 12:30-1:30 pm. Look for information and a sign-up sheet coming soon! You do not need to send in Valentine cards, but if you do, please send in one for every student. Feel free to create a box or bag for your child to collect the valentine cards they receive. Be as creative as you like! Please hold those at home until the morning of the 14th. A class list was sent in your child's folder today. 

I will submit the February book order on Friday Feb. 10th.  Please have orders submitted by then! With each order, we earn many new books for our classroom library. 

This week in second grade:

In reading this week we discovered that books can be like fortune cookies. Each one has a little message or a lesson to teach us. We wrote fortune cookies (about the lesson the book teaches) for our reading workshop books and left them for the next reader to discover. 

Finding the message.

Sharing fortunes.

Reading partners.

Sharing fortune cookies.
In writing this week we worked on our first research project. Each group chose an animal to research and worked on writing a book that combines poetry and informational facts. Look for these gorgeous books to come home soon!

Working together!

Collecting information on a topic.

Recording our information.
In math we practiced solving 3 digit addition and subtraction problems. We are learning ways to figure out if we are adding or subtracting. Check out iTools this weekend and have your second grader show you how to subtract with base ten blocks.

In science we did a fun experiment to measure distance. We made paper airplanes, tested them, and recorded their distance. Congratulations to Logan on being our class champion! His design traveled over 1,200 centimeters!

Champion thrower!
Check out our airplanes.