Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekend News 4-29-16

Happy Weekend!

I hope you've all had a nice week! Hopefully spring weather will return to us soon. We have had another busy and fun filled week in second grade. 

Upcoming dates to remember:

On May 12th we will be participating in the annual Wizard Walk. Please return your fundraising packet as soon as possible for a chance to win an awesome prize!

On May 13th we will be walking to Clark Home with the other second grade classes to sing for the residents. We'd love to have you join us for this sweet performance. 

On May 20th we will enjoy Field Day in the morning. 

This week in second grade:

In reading we read different genres of books and identified the author's purpose for writing a text. We learned that this is as easy as PIE! 
I- inform
E- entertain

Check out our book recommendation videos below...

In writing we learned that poets write about something that gives them a BIG feeling. We used big events in our own lives to write new poetry this week. Very deep stuff here. We have some great poets in our class!

In math we concluded our unit on geometry. We can identify plane and solid shapes and received an introduction to fractions. Look for the Chapter 11 assessment to come home today. Celebrate your child's hard work, everyone did a great job! We will be spending the rest of the year preparing for third grade math and reviewing difficult second grade concepts.

In social studies we learned about geography and how to identify landforms. We used a physical map to find these features in the United States. We will be continuing to learn about this in our new science unit next week!

Thank you so much to Rocco's mom for being our Mystery Reader today! What a great disguise!

Have a great weekend! 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Weekend News 4-22-16 EARTH DAY!

Hello Second Grade Families,
I hope everyone had a great week! We are loving this spring weather. Please let me know if you are interested in placing an order for the April Scholastic Book Order. I will submit on Monday if there is any interest. 
This week in second grade:

In  reading we learned how to distinguish between the main idea of a text and the details. We LOVED reading books about natural disasters.

In writing we began our poetry unit of study in honor of National Poetry Month. We learned how to look at everyday objects with a poet's eye. We also learned how to use line breaks in our own poems to make them more powerful.

In math we enjoyed learning about plane and solid shapes. We have really loved exploring with shape centers in small groups. 

In social studies we learned how people use our environment. We learned that it is important to take good care of our planet by using the 3R's. Check out a great song we listened to each day this week...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekend News 4-15-16

Happy Weekend!
I hope you have something fun planned OUTSIDE to enjoy the beautiful weather. We have had an awesome return to school from break. Monday started with a wonderful surprise of flowers from my sweet class. Thank you! The cards were heartfelt and made me feel very special. I am so lucky to have the privilege to teach your children.

The April Scholastic Book Order will be submitted on Friday April 22nd. Please make sure you send in a check or online order. Scholastic will not accept cash payments.  

I heard that many of you tried to view our movie trailer and were not able, I wanted to let you know I've changed the privacy settings and you should be able to view! Please let me know if you cannot. 

This week in second grade:

In reading we studied elements of fables. We created puppet show theaters and puppets to retell fables to our classmates. Look for movies of these fables below!
The Tortoise and The Hare- Gloria and Ava

The Boy Who Cried Wolf- Rocco and Gunnar
The Tortise and the Hare- Maia, Michelle, and Olivia
The Mouse at the Seashore- Louise, Ellie, Mady, Farzona
The Boy Who Cried Wolf- Adrienne, Zachary, Abe, Parker, Charlie, James

The Camel Dances- Cameile and Ellen
The Boy Who Cried Wolf- Molly, Vivian, Calder

We were lucky to have the opportunity to share these with our reading buddies in Mrs. Anderson's class.

In writing we wrote our own fables and learned how to write a thank you letter to Calder's grandma for the delicious cookies she had shipped to our classroom!

In math we began our study of plane and solid shapes. We made 3D shapes out of paper and used our super cool manipulatives (purchased) from the EGR Schools Foundation. 

In social studies we learned about jobs that are services. We held a pretend job fair to teach others about service jobs. 

Thank you to Abe's dad for being our Mystery Reader today and sharing the secrets of grown ups...shhhhhhhhh

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Caine's Arcade

What can you make with a cardboard box? We worked in small groups to create a Puppet Show Theater to present a puppet show of a fable we've been studying. We were inspired by Caine. Enjoy the video below.

Coming soon- a movie of each group's puppet show!

Check out our awesome movie trailer for a sneak peek...