Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Friday! Weekend News 4-24-15

Hello Second Grade Families,

Are you ready for the weekend? We have had an awesome week in room 201. It isn't every day that second graders are featured on a famous poet's website! Check out my posts from earlier this week if you want more information on that subject!

We ended our Friday by watching the adorable Kindergarten Circus. They were soooo cute!

April's Scholastic Book Order was submitted today. I will do one more order this year. Look for the May catalog to come home in 2 weeks.

This week in second grade:

In reading this week we celebrated Earth Week by reading different types of books about the Amazon Rain Forest. We read informational text, an article from Time for Kids, a narrative story, and about the life cycle of a few rain forest animals. We learned how to identify the main idea of a story as well as the details that support the main idea.

In writing this week we wrote poetry to go along with a familiar tune. We were inspired by The Poem Farm and were featured on the website. This helped us learn how poetry has rhythm and where to place line breaks when writing a poem. Ask you child to tell you about the poems he or she wrote.

Can you guess the tune to these poems?

At School
By Mrs. Goodman’s Class

I’m at school and it’s fun
I can learn, think, and play
Put my pencil on paper
‘Til the end of the day!

(sing to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’)

In math this week we learned about fractions. We learned that they have to be EQUAL to be considered  a fractions. We played with some fun math manipulatives that were purchased from our class via a PTO grant.

In social studies this week we learned about geographic features. We can identify mountains, plains, deserts, islands, lakes, rives, and oceans. This is the perfect introduction to our science unit that we will begin next week.

Thank you to Rory's pre-school teacher for being our Mystery Reader today!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Thursday, April 23, 2015

We're Famous!!

We are so excited that our poem guess was CORRECT yesterday! Poet Amy Ludwig Vanderwater was so impressed with our video, she featured it on her website today! Check us out over on The Poem Farm...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Listen to us sing!

Happy Earth Day!

As I mentioned earlier this week, we have enjoyed celebrating National Poetry Month by visiting Amy Ludwig Vanderwater's The Poem Farm to play a fun game called Sing That Poem!

A blurb from Amy that explains the game:
This month at The Poem Farm, you will find a game called Sing That Poem! Every day I will post a new poem written to match the meter of a well-known song....but I'm not telling which song.  You can print the Sing That Poem! PDF below or just look at the song titles in the sidebar here to match each day's poem with the song it was inspired by.  I'll post a recording each next day with the answer to the previous day's poem/song match, and you can sing right along if you wish. My goal in this project is to stretch my writing muscles into new meters and to have some fun too. 

We have had so much fun guessing, but haven't yet been able to figure out a song that matches one of the daily poems.

Today we tried really hard to figure it out...and we were successful! We discovered that Amy's 'Earth Day Song' poem was written to the tune of Oh My Darling Clementine.

Here is a video of us singing the poem...

Monday, April 20, 2015


In honor of National Poetry Month we will be learning about and writing poetry for the next few weeks. Here are some wonderful poetry resources that we will be using in class...

Poetry: Big Thoughts in Small Packages 
A Few Good Poetry Websites for Elementary Classrooms 

Poetry for Children
Sylvia Vardell’s extensive site about finding and sharing poetry with young people

Kristine O’Connell George’s Website 
Rich site full of information about Kristine’s poetry, books, and tips for writing

No Water River 
Renee LaTulippe’s site including poems, videos of poets reading their work, and interviews

The Poem Farm (**Mrs. Goodman's Class favorite!) 
Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s site full of hundreds of poems and mini lessons

The Poetry Suitcase 
Janet Wong’s site explaining how to make a poetry suitcase with poems & props

Links and description courtesy of Lucy Calkins' Units of Study, Poetry: Big Thoughts in Small Packages

Monday News 4-20-15

Hello Second Grade Families,
I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend! I know my family spent as much time outside as possible! Thank you to Mrs. Sorota for putting together our final volunteer sign up sheet of the year. If you're available, we'd love to have you stop in and check out all of the fun learning we are doing in room 201!

Reading Center sign up-

Math Center sign up-

I will be submitting the April book order this week. Please make your choices by Friday! The easiest way to do this is to click the link on the far right tab at the top of this page and enter online using our class code :HB4N7
We will have one more book order this year. Thanks for the year of support and fun in reading!

On Friday I will be sending in our Wizard Walk t-shirt order, If you would like a size other than Youth Medium for your child, please send me an email to let me know.

Take a moment to check out the Homework tab at the top of this page. You can always find our weekly spelling words and math assignments listed here.

Last week in second grade:

In reading we read many different Native American legends and learned how to summarize a story. We learned to only include the most important parts of the text when retelling a story.

In math we learned about solid and plane shapes. Solid shapes are 3D and have edges, faces, and vertices. Plane shapes are 2D, flat, and have sides, vertices, and angles.

In writing we began our Poetry Unit of Study. We will be celebrating National Poetry Month during the month of April. We enjoyed going back to The Poem Farm and playing her 'Sing That Poem' game. Can you guess that tune? We are writing poems with our Poet's Eye and trying to see things in a different way. Today is the deadline to submit a poem for the 2015 Wealthy Poetry Anthology. Many of our students have contributed.

In social studies we learned about natural resources. We learned that it is important to take care of our environment.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wizard Walk Packets Today!

I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break!

Today your child is coming home with his or her Wizard Walk information packet. Take a few moments to go over these materials and let me know if you have any questions. The Wealthy Wizard Walk will be on May 14th followed by Family Fun Night later in the evening.

I will be turning in our class order for Wizard Walk t-shirts soon. I plan on ordering everyone a Youth Medium, unless I hear otherwise from you or your child.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Break News! 4-2-15

I hope you all have a wonderful spring break! I wish safe travels to those of you visiting places near and far. Enjoy the extra family time and use the relaxation to gear up for a successful end of the year! Spring Break 2015 begins tomorrow. School will resume on Monday April 13th! See you then:)

Today we celebrated spring with a beach themed read-in along with the rest of Team 2! What a fun way to read with friends.

We enjoyed the presentation from Professor Gizmo this afternoon!

This week in second grade:

In reading we read a few narrative and informational books on thunderstorms and tornadoes. We noticed similarities and differences between the different genres of text on the same topic. The students wrote weather reports describing both types of storms. Have you second grader read his or her report. So cute!

In writing we completed our information writing unit. I am amazed at the growth each student made in their writing during this unit and impressed by the sophistication of the books written. When we return from break we will celebrate National Poetry Month in style and work on writing poetry.
If your child would like to be a part of the 2015 Wealthy poetry anthology, please submit the poem to me with a title and your child's first/last name.

In math this week we took our chapter 10 assessment. We really enjoyed learning about graphing and hopefully the students will begin to notice graphs in the real world! We will be working on geometry when we return from break.

In social studies we concluded our chapter that taught us how the city of San Francisco changed over time.

Have an awesome break!