Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday News 2-27-15

Happy Weekend! Can you believe it is almost March? Time flies when you're having fun!

Next week we will celebrate March is Reading Month! Mrs. Gallavin has signed up all of Wealthy for a reading challenge that could result in your child earning two Whitecaps tickets!. 

This information is directly from her:

This is a special Reading Club only for the Month of March.  Everybody in Wealthy is automatically in the Reading Club.
     *  If you read 15 minutes each day in March and your parents sign off each day on the calendar, you will win TWO FREE tickets to a Whitecaps baseball game.
     *  At the beginning of April you must bring back your completed calendar.  Your teacher will check it and give you a ticket voucher for your TWO FREE tickets.
     *  You and your parents must take the completed calendar AND the ticket voucher to the Whitecaps box office out at the ballpark to get your TWO FREE tickets. You do this in April.  Your parents can also do this by mail in April.

     *  All the information you need is on the back of the calendar for you and your parents to read.
Please contact Mrs. Gallavin with any questions!

Today we went up to the 3rd floor and filled Mr.  Saunders' class bucket. We made each student a card with a joke, friendly message, activity, or origami yoda. 

This afternoon we were invited to celebrate with Mrs. Doele's class at the completion of their information writing unit.  The third graders shared their published informational writing piece and the second graders were able to ask questions. This helped inspire us for our current work on information writing. 

Upcoming events: 

We are so excited to see the school musical performed next week Wednesday. Break a leg to all cast and crew members! 

We will be walking to Clark Home on March 10. We will be in need of a few parents to walk with us. Let me know if you are able (hopefully the temperature will be above freezing by that point). 

We will be swimming on March 12 from 12:15-1:15. We are still in need of a few dads to chaperone the boy's locker room. You can sign up HERE.

This week in second grade:

In reading we explored the traditional literature genre and read a legend, folk tale, fable, and fairy tale. We learned about characteristics of those types of stories and practiced writing our own. Ask your child what his or her favorite type of story is. See if your child is able to share with you some of the characteristics of traditional literature.

In math we measured different objects using inches and feet. We practiced estimating and figured out how to choose the appropriate tool to measure with. We learned that if we estimate that something is 4 feet, it also means it is 4 sets of 12 in inches.

In writing we are adding to our information books. This week we used mentor texts to help us gather ideas of which text features we would like our books to have. We also learned how to choose a good heading for each chapter. We learned that it is attention grabbing to use an action word and make it short.

In science we discussed properties of single substances and mixtures. We created goo and slime. We had so much fun! Thank you to Mr. Saltsman and Mr. Rizor for providing extra t-shirts for us to protect our clothing. 

Thank you to Ruben's grandma for being our awesome Mystery Reader today!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Stay Warm!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Today in science we observed single substances (water and cornstarch) and recorded their properties. We then created a mixture which I am just going to call GOO and we noticed how the substances changed. It was a fun and very messy science lesson! Enjoy the pictures below:)

WARNING: tomorrow's lesson will be even more messy! Please send an old t-shirt, art smock, or apron for your child to wear. Also, your child will be bringing home the substance we are creating tomorrow. I apologize in advance for any mess this causes.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday News 2-18-15 Have an awesome mid-winter break!

This week was short and sweet. I hope you all enjoy your long weekend. Safe travels to those of you who are going somewhere!

On Monday we celebrated President's Day and learned some interesting facts. We learned (as I'm sure you've heard) that President Taft got stuck in the bathtub during his presidency. The kids couldn't believe this was true. We also learned that some believe the Lincoln Bedroom in The White House is haunted. Many presidential pets refused enter that room. We read stories about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. We worked on our Chrome Books to looks at many websites about the presidents (you can find these sites over in the "links" tab).

In reading we read some cool books about former presidents. We wrote about what we think the president does in a day of work, what WE would do if we were president, and wrote an acrostic poem about the president. We compared ourselves to Abe Lincoln and wrote about ways we are alike and different.

In math we measured different objects using inches. We wrote story problems where we added lengths. We created our own rulers to take home using inch cubes.

In writing we worked on adding to our teaching books. We made sure to think of a topic, plan across our fingers, and sketch before we write. Many students have created their own table of contents to organize their writing. We will add more text features to our writing as we continue the unit of study.

In science we estimated and measured how many tablespoons are in a cup. We are learning about capacity and how liquid looks different in different containers.

Thank you to Mrs. McKee's kindergarten class for filling our buckets! We had so much fun!

Have a great weekend! See you on Monday February 23rd.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday News 2-13-15 Happy Valentine's Day!

We have enjoyed another awesome week in second grade! I hope everyone has a weekend filled with LOVE and fun! Happy Valentine's Day!

Next week will be a short week with mid-winter break on Thursday and Friday. We will not have a spelling list next week.

I will be submitting the FEBRUARY book order on Wednesday Feb 18th. Please place orders online (class code is HB4N7) or return the catalog by then. Don't forget to use your FREE BOOK coupon that was in your child's Valentine's Day gift bag from me!

Thank you to Mrs. Sorota for planning and organizing our V-day party and thank you to all of the parents who volunteered to help. We had a great time!

In reading this week we learned about point of view. We learned that characters have different points of view depending on their feelings about other characters, situations, or places. We read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and discussed the Wolf's point of view (he was just looking for a cup of sugar for his sick granny) and decided if we agreed or disagreed with his feelings.

In math this week we completed our chapter on money and time. I am so impressed with how well the kids did with these concepts. Thank you for taking the time to work together on homework each night.

In writing this week we began our information writing unit. I have never seen the kids so excited to sit quietly and write. It was AWESOME! We are beginning with "all about" teaching books. Each student picked something he/she is an expert on. Ask your child what topic they are writing about.

In science this week we measured objects by their length, width, and area. We used centimeter cubes and learned that they are the same thing as a centimeter on a ruler.

Thank you to Emmett's dad for being our awesome mystery reader this afternoon! It is so fun to have someone new read to us.

Have an awesome weekend! Stay warm!