Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday News 2-6-15

What a busy week we've had in second grade! Snow day, swimming, and two sessions with poet Amy Ludwig Vanderwater. We have had fun and done a lot of learning.  On Wednesday we got to listen to ALV talk to the 2nd and 3rd graders about how she comes up with ideas for poems and enjoyed listening to her read some of her favorites. It was almost like being at a concert and hearing your favorite song. Many exclamations from students of "I know this one!" or "This one is my favorite!". Some kids even recited the poems along with ALV. It was such a special experience and meant a lot to all of us. (See pics and a video below on Wednesday's post)

Today we got to meet with her in small groups. We spent time talking about how to write a poem about a place. We got to see the poet in work and then we tried on our own. Ask your child to show you his or her poem tonight. Very impressive!

In reading this week we learned how to make an inference. We use our schema (what we already know) along with the information in the text (pictures and words) to figure out what the author is trying to say (without words) in the text. We enjoyed Jack Prelutsky's book If Not For the Cat and inferred which animal was on each page. We LOVED using the wonderful new book Journey to make inferences and figure out what was happening in the wordless book.

In math this week we learned about money. We added a variety of coins. We also shopped the grocery ads and created a dinner menu. Thank you to Mrs. Sorota for helping with this fun activity!

In writing this week we completed our opinion writing unit. We fixed up and fancied up a book review and shared with the class. We learned that sometimes authors add quotations from a book in a review to give the reader a sneak peak. We also tried out adding parenthesis, dashes, ellipses, and commas to give our reader a place to pause. 

In science this week we had a paper airplane throwing contest and measured the distance! So much fun!

The word blanket created by Wealthy students. 
It is featured today on The Poem Farm. Check it out!

Have an awesome weekend! Can't wait to celebrate the 100th day of school and Valentine's Day next week!

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  1. I feel very lucky and grateful to have visited your classroom and school this week. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your writing workshop for a day, and please know that I hope to stay in touch. Your poems are beautiful and inspiring! Warm wishes to all of you for a cozy winter and lives full of poetry...
    Your Friend,